How to Write Articles on Productivity For Small Business People

Every Six Sigma consultant knows that efficiency and productivity go hand-in-hand with profits. These individuals go into large corporations and help them with their economies of scale. It’s well worth it for a Corporation to look into its productivity, in order to identify the waste and eliminate it. Still, many small business people need to look at their productivity much more than the larger businesses. There is so much waste that goes on and it’s really unfortunate.Worse, if small businesses don’t eliminate their waste, they will not turn a profit and they will have a tough time getting through the recession. Even as a recession ends and they ramp up their businesses again, if their productivity is costing them money, they won’t have the cash flow to replenish their working capital so they can take advantage of the increased business.Over the last few years, I’ve written over 50 articles on this topic of productivity and found that there is no shortage of corporate productivity articles online. In fact the American Management Association has no fewer than 300 books on the topic available (I must have read 10% of them over the years). And each year America’s top business schools graduate tens of thousands of students who specialize in business management and productivity. But at the small business level it’s a totally different story.If you plan on seizing this opportunity and taking advantage of the small business productivity niche and preparing online article content, then I have some recommendations for you. You need to explain to small business entrepreneur how to systematize their business in the same way that Michael Gerber did in his book “The E-Myth” and if you will do that to you will be doing a service to our small business community.The content you provide will be much needed, much appreciated, and much desired. I hope you will please consider this.