Why Is Automation of Repetitive Tasks Essential to Your Business Productivity?

When we think about business tasks, and where our customers find value, we can confidently assume that what they will remember about your business transaction is how you made them feel, in fact what comes directly to mind is Maya Angelou’s quote:”I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” So, let’s think about that for a moment. There are functions within your business that are necessary to keep fluid communication with your customers and prospects. Let’s take for example you’re offering a new course that has multiple sessions that are recorded. For each session (or module) its important that your client does some pre-work to get the most out of the session, but also some “homework” to reinforce the lesson. To really leverage your time, you’ve made this course evergreen, so whenever its convenient for your prospects to sign up, the class is available.When I think of this sequence I think of the numerous emails and reminders associated with each piece, and add to this the fact the class is evergreen, the emails that each person will receive varies depending on their progression through the course.Sounds complicated, but with an automation tool such as Infusionsoft, many of these emails are set to run and provide consistent communication and value to your clients, while collecting metrics that are as simple as open rate, but also allowing for segmentation of your contact list based on elements such as their preferences in service delivery, or buying habits. What’s brilliant, particularly when thinking about Infusionsoft, is that the CRM (customer relationship management) portion is integrated so perfectly, that manual data entry isn’t required, and if you had a choice between spending money on a data entry clerk versus a marketing strategist, where would your dollars be best spent? I vote on the latter.You now have a program, running automatically, generating income, without your direct involvement.But a great customer relations strategy isn’t strictly automation, or all we’d have is factories driving production. Your relationship with your customer is a relationship, driven by their needs. Their need may be effective communication and timely reminders (handled with automation), but they may have unique questions and concerns that need to be handled in a way that continues to foster the relationship. They need that personal touch, and those unique emails shouldn’t be left while you complete tasks that are better accomplished automated. We’re seeing evidence of this when we look at how the titles within companies are changing. Gone are data entry clerks, and we’re seeing a rise in roles such as “Customer Success”, where an individual is tasked just to make sure that your clients are succeeding (and moving through your sales funnel), with personal notes and follow up calls.There is some strategy to effective automation, and we’ll touch on this in an upcoming blog. Automation doesn’t mean cold or clinical sounding emails, it means carefully crafted responses that although automated, feel personal. Consideration also needs to be given to how a tool, such as Infusionsoft, is deployed so you’re collecting the right information from the beginning.How do you decide what to automate?A great first step would be to figure out what can be automated, just as a starting point for brainstorming. Look at the different platforms that are available, you’ll be amazed at the comprehensive suites that are available, and the wide spectrum of tasks that they can handle. Then think about the emails and reminders that you send on a regular basis, can these be automated using a solution such as Infusionsoft? If you’re not sure, contact an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, to help guide you.And the second step? Think about the new programs you could develop, brainstorming and strategy sessions you can attend with your team, with the extra time you’ll have now that your repetitive tasks are automated! Sounds a little exciting doesn’t it!

Business Productivity – Are You Making Any of These 3 Deadly Productivity Mistakes?

Your daily productivity is a very important element in your business’s overall results. What you do with your own time, attention and energy will make or break your entire team’s business building efforts.So let’s take a look at 3 of the biggest and deadliest mistakes that entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners alike make, and then what to do instead.Big Mistake #1 – Going with the flow. Because we live in a society that rewards risk taking and responsiveness, I usually see people running businesses start each day with their focus on the squeaky wheel. The problems that shout the loudest get the most attention, even if they are not the most important factors in the business’s success.What to do instead – Start each day and each meeting with a clear purpose. Make that purpose the stated vision and goals of the business and evaluate the issues that come up for their fit with those success targets before you put time or resources into solving them.Big Mistake #2 – Giving problems the first call on your attention. When a business is primarily problem focused motivation goes right out the window. For a team to pull together, and even for you to want to get out of bed and go build that business each day, you can’t keep ringing the “what’s gone wrong” bell.What to do instead – Focus everyone’s attention first on what’s being accomplished. Help your team see what they’ve done well and you’ll have them motivated to take their enthusiasm and creativity into fixing breakdowns with glee.Big Mistake #3 – Letting externals design how you do business. There is nothing more deadly to productivity than watching the clock. Forget the notion of setting meetings for an hour. The issue you’re working on might only need 27 minutes to solve, yet everyone will spread the work to fill that hour. No one will speak up and say “can we take care of this quicker?”What to do instead – Decide on the agenda of your meetings before you sit down at the table. State it clearly, and let people know that the meeting will end in 12, 27 41 minutes – however long it takes to get clear about the exact next steps to be done, and who will do them.

Find Out How to Create Trust to Sell Your Home Business Products Online!

There are a lot of people who place adverts online using some of the most effective advert campaigns such as Google’s PPC and the likes and they sell successfully. But to create an avalanche and long lasting sales funnel each month, you need to create trust in your name and brand online.Now think about it, how many times did you make a purchase last month
online? Did you just saw a product you liked and just whip out your
credit card and make that purchase without considering the source of that products? To the majority of people and I believe you are one of them, you have likely trusted the source of that product or liked the person who you bought it from.That goes to show that if you have a product online, you need to
develop trust in the minds of people before they can buy the products
you are paying for.So you need to find away to make lasting impacts in the minds of your
audience to develop enough trust to buy whatever you ask of them.To do this, you need to frequent all the places you know your
prospects are lying around and seeking the information and products
you can supply to silence that need.But you cant just bump in there as a marketer and succeed. You will need to identify with their problems first, introduce yourself, and be friends with them. You can do this by replying to questions people post on that problem. Show yourself available for all the needs by giving away good information to them.Do this for many of them, and you will see that there will be a serious shift in attention of all the people in that community whenever you make a comment or posts.You can do this by visiting forums, communities, and message boards and groups.